What to ask an Air Conditioning Contractor when you call for AC Service

At some point you’ll come the realization that your air conditioning problems are beyond your capabilities, or perhaps you’ve known this the whole time. I hope the “Before you call for AC service”, and “Troubleshooting Your AC” checklists has given you a better understanding of your Air Conditioning system or perhaps saved you the expense and embarrassment of making a unnecessary AC service call.  When it’s time to call an air conditioning contractor for service have this list of questions handy.

1. What is Your Rate? Ask how the company will be billing you. Hourly, if so what is their rate? Most companies have a minimum charge this is the minimum you will be charged to send a serviceman to your home, you will be charged this even if they find one of those things on our DUH list. Also ask if they have a zone charge some businesses have a charge depending how far you are from their offices. This is mostly for commercial contracted work that may require many visits but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Overtime charge, if you call in the morning but a technician doesn’t show up till later that night find out if they charge an overtime fee for afterhours work.

2. Response Time. Odds are your air conditioner will wait for the hottest day of the summer to break down. This is not a coincidence ac units are taxed more during a heat wave so yours will not be the only one to break down. Because of this every service contractor will be very busy, that is why it is very important to find out how quickly they can respond, hours or days.

3. Is their company insured? Make sure the company is fully insured and does their insurance cover all their employees.

4. Is the Technician Certified? Many states mandate that any technician working with the new refrigerant 410a must be certified. Ask if that is the case in your state, and if so is the contractor coming to your home certified.

5. Is the Work Warrantied? If a major part has to be replaced on your AC unit it is most likely covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but this warranty may only apply if the part is installed by an approved air conditioning contractor. Also very often a part can be repaired not replaced, find out if the company warranties their work as well as parts.

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