What is a heat pump

What does a heat pump have to do with an air conditioner?  Quite a bit actually, an air conditioner is in fact a type of heat pump. A heat pump is simply a device that transfers or pumps heat from one place to another, and air conditioners and refrigerators are two common examples.

Don’t you mean a cold pump

To understand how a heat pump works you first have to realize that a refrigerator and air conditioner works by removing heat from inside of the house or fridge and bringing it to the outside. You can feel this heat being blown out from under the fridge or the back of your window air conditioner.

How a heat pump works

An AC system works because of a special refrigerant called Puron or R410a . This refrigerant changes from liquid to gas as it is compressed and decompressed, and as this happens it becomes very hot or very cold. A heat pump consists of two coils one inside the house called the evaporator and one outside called the compressor,  these coils are connected by copper pipes filled with the R410a, as this refrigerant passes through the coil inside your home it is warmed by the inside air. This fluid is then pumped outside of the home where it goes through the compressor when the R410a is compressed it becomes very hot. This hot liquid then passes through the outside coil called the condenser where a fan blows the heat into the outside air. The much cooler refrigerant then travels back into the house, where it passes through the expansion valve this decompresses the refrigerant, this decompression cools the liquid before it passes though the inside coil, as it passes through this coil it again picks up the heat from the inside air. A fan or blower forces air through the coil which blows a welcome byproduct into the home Cold Air.

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