Trane: Pioneer in air conditioning systems

The Trane HVAC CompanyTrane Inc. is a global manufacturer of residential and commercial heating, venting and air conditioning appliances (HVAC) and provides services and systems to enhance the quality of indoor air in homes and commercial buildings. Founded in 1885, Trane Inc. offers a wide range of energy efficient HVAC systems, thermostats, air handlers and terminal devices, dehumidifying and air cleaning products. The company is based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The company also specializes in designing massive commercial systems that are used in large buildings. In addition to that, the company offers various products for residential home such as furnaces and coils, heat pumps, humidifiers and packaged units. In 2008, Ingersoll Rand Company acquired Trane.  Founded in 1931, Rueben Trane became an air conditioning pioneer and invented some of the best quality air conditioners for residential use.

Known for their high performance, durability, rugged construction and cutting edge features, Trane HVAC systems and other equipment have become reliable products you can count on. All Trane systems are put through a grueling extreme environment test before they are put into production. Durability is one thing that Trane prides itself on.

Trane produces wide range of air conditioner products that are suitable for all types of residence; whether you are staying in a limited space apartment or residing in a large home Trane provides air conditioner systems custom made for you according to your needs. Some of the features found in all the Trane air conditioners are:

1. Trane goes an extra step to provide you the best level comfort in your home and incorporates innovative technology in all of their air conditioning systems. The patented technology not only provides you cool air but also fresh, clean and healthy indoor air.  Speaking of patents Trane has over 1500 of them.

2. The CleanEffects technology in each Trane air conditioner enhances the filtration level to a great extent and can remove 99.98% of the particles from your filtered air in the room. A Harvard led research project called it “the world’s most effective whole-house air filtration system”.  Trane air conditioner units have a higher Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio rating that exceeds the minimum efficiency standards established by United States Department of Energy. Based on efficiency, Trane air conditioners come in four different types:

-Standard efficiency- This the basic series which is affordable and reliable for home use.
-High efficiency- This series has maximum SEER rating of 17.
-Ultra efficiency- The maximum SEER rating is 20.
-Super efficiency- This series come with SEER rating of 16 and are the quietest of all the series.

3. Trane air conditioning units come with plenty of additional features to enhance their efficiency and performance. One of the excellent features includes Comfort-R, which reduces temperature differences by enhancing airflow and controlling humidity.

4. The best part is that the operation of Trane air conditioning systems is quiet. The compressors are insulated which greatly reduces the noise levels. Also Trane offers 5 year warranty on parts and extended warranties on compressor. The labor costs are not included in warranty period. Cost depends upon the model you are choosing.

The hundred year history of Trane shows the perfect blend of reliability and innovation, which has made it a solid brand name in the industry. Quality, durability and efficiency are the trademark of Trane.

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