The quality and benefits of Goodman air conditioners.

Goodman HVAC CompanyGoodman global group inc, the company that manufacture the Goodman range of air conditioners is one of the second largest manufacturers of air conditioners, ventilation and heating systems (HVAC) for commercial and residential use. The company founded by Harold.V. Goodman has been manufacturing air conditioning and heating system since 1982. They have plants and offices located at Houston Texas, and Dayton and Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Goodman air conditioners have amazing features that differentiate them from other similar products in the market. They have factory installed filter dryer that help to elongate the life of the system. They also have a louvered cabinet which is made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel. This cabinet helps to protect the coil and resist the effect of weather.

The coil itself is made of rifled copper tubing and corrugate aluminum fins that make the systems deliver at high-efficiency. To prevent noise pollution the system has a louvered sound-control and a three-bladed fan. The main quality feature of the system that many people are very impressed about is the high-performance energy efficient compressor that help to save plenty of money on power bills. Goodman air conditioning units come in very pretty and attractive design, and the gray color is a winner for everyone since it blends easily with all kinds of home environment.

The benefits of Goodman air conditioners are endless. They have extended warranty called the Goodcare extended service agreement that provides all kinds of replacement or repair of air conditioning units for an incredible ten years! The simple design of the units makes it easy to maintain and service, and the system unit’s performance is certified with respect to air conditioning and refrigeration institute.

Goodman air conditioning units have quality assurance, are durable and most excitingly are affordable. Also, the company provides full responsibility for air conditioning installation, cleaning and maintaining; which is something that many air conditioner manufacturing companies don’t provide for their customers.

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