Factors to consider when choosing the right HVAC company

Purchasing the right air conditioning system can be quite an involved and confusing task. Choosing one from a reputable HVAC manufacturer may help make that decision easier. An air conditioner is one of the most expensive appliances you will purchase for your home, but choosing an air conditioner from one of the top producers has many benefits which may include buying from a company that has been building its reputation for over a hundred years.

Read customer reviews. I don’t put much faith in “review sites” that specialize in reviews for certain types of products, I feel they can be a bit biased. But reading reviews from large reputable sites can be very beneficial. One thing to keep in mind is most people write a review right after they purchase a product and are still overly excited about owning it, so their reviews may be more positive. What I look for is a complaint repeated over and over by many reviewers on different websites. This should be a red flag and should not be dismissed as a onetime occurrence, or a rant from one angry reviewer.

Here are three of the many reputable air conditioning manufacturers.

Air Conditioning

Carrier Icon Carrier is the world’s largest air conditioning company; it sells one AC unit every 3 seconds. Not bad for a company with only a hundred years’ experience. Read More

Air Conditioners

AC Parts Icon2 Trane prides itself on building durable air conditioners, when they come up with a new design it is put through one of the industries toughest testing labs. As they say “you can’t stop a Trane”. Read More

Air Conditioners

Goodman has quickly built its company into the second largest domestic HVAC manufacturer. Started in 1982 they stand behind each unit they build with one of the industry’s best warranties. Read More

What to consider when buying an Air Conditioner
When making a purchasing decision the price of the AC unit matters a lot, but it is not the only factor you should consider. Here are some other factors to consider when looking for an air conditioner.

1. Size
Various HVAC companies produce air conditioners in a variety of sizes. With air conditioning systems, size does not mean its physical dimension, but it refers to the conditioner’s ability to cool your home. The air conditioner’s capability is estimated in British-thermal units (BTU). One BTU is equivalent to the quantity of energy required to raise a pound of water by one-degree Fahrenheit and 1ton is equal to 12,000BTU’s. A unit with a one ton capacity can serve about 400square feet of space so you must measure your home before purchasing to find out the right capacity to purchase.

2. The type of air-conditioner
There are many types of air conditioners for you to choose from. Some of these units include wall units, wall-mounted units, mini air conditioners and portable units. So know which type you need before beginning your search.

3. Type of refrigerant
The refrigerants used in your unit matters, as this determines how long your unit will be able to be repaired. Air conditioning systems using the type of refrigerant called HCFC’s are currently being phased out and replaced by hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) Commonly known as R-410A. Make sure that your refrigerant is ozone friendly.

4. Efficiency
The more efficient your unit is, the lower the energy usage is. So you should purchase a unit which converts electricity to cooling faster and saves you a lot of money in the end. The more energy efficient an air conditioner is the more it costs, so always determine the cost of the energy used to run the unit and how long it will take you to recuperate the extra cost.

5. Warranties
Air conditioners have different parts which tend to breakdown over time. So to be on the safe side you should make sure that the unit has some warranties. Find out how long it lasts and which parts of the unit it will cover. Make sure you find out if the unit has any labor warranty. Some warranties will void is routine maintenance is not performed or if the air conditioner is serviced by unlicensed repairmen.

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