Benefits of Carrier Air Conditioning Units

The Carrier HVAC CompaniesWhen it comes to shopping for a new air conditioning unit, this is something that requires a lot of careful research by the home owner if they want to be able to choose a unit that will be energy efficient while still keeping their space cool, even during the hottest months of the summer. For this reason, more and more people are turning to the popular and reputable Carrier air conditioning company as a way to get an air conditioning unit that will be sure to last them for a long time.


Carrier is the world’s largest air conditioning company and Willis Carrier is credited as the creator of modern Air conditioning. In 1902 he invented an air conditioner for his printing business, not for the comfort of his employees but as a way to increase their productivity.


Carrier is considered to be the world leader in not only air conditioning, but in heating and refrigeration as well. They offer everything from residential air conditioning units to commercial sized ones and everything in between. The Infinity line is their most efficient temperature control system it allows the owner to control the air quality by controlling the temperature, humidity, speed of the fan and even lets you know when the air filter needs changing.


Another of their innovations’ is Greenspeed a computer system that constantly monitors conditions inside your home and out adjusting the compressor fan outside and the blower inside to create a steady climate with less temperature swings. All while cutting energy costs.


For those who are looking for an affordable way to cool a space in their home, they may want to consider buying a window air conditioning unit from this particular company. They have many of them to offer and these are an ideal low cost cooling option. They typically cost a lot less to buy and to run, considering they are meant to cool a specific space and not an entire home.


But for those who are looking for something that will provide circulation of cold air throughout the entire home, they may want to look into getting a central air conditioning unit from Carrier. These can be hooked up to ducts or run ductless to circulate cool air throughout the home. The main unit stays outside, typically in the backyard. And perhaps the best part about these units is that Carrier offers a service to come out and install them for the home owner so that they do not have to worry about hiring another air conditioning company to have this done. Carrier considers themselves experts in air conditioning installation, and a residential cooling system is shipped by them to someone’s home ever three seconds, while one is installed every six seconds.


But since comfort is also important for commercial sized businesses, Carrier also offers a full range of air conditioning units and systems for even the largest of buildings and warehouses. These are professionally installed by Carrier’s own technicians and are a great way to cool down even the hottest of buildings during the warmer months of summer and to circulate some much needed cool air throughout warehouses, office buildings and any other kind of commercial building that could possibly be imagined. There is an air conditioning solution for just about every one of them.


The process of shopping around for an air conditioning unit can seem to be a little bit daunting at first, but the good news is that by choosing a unit or system from the reputable Carrier brand, one can be assured that they are going to be getting top notch quality products and that they will not need to replace their systems again for a long time to come.

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