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As a home owner you are undoubtedly aware of how beneficial it can be to maintain the inner workings of your home in order to ensure a long term healthy environment for you and your family. The term “sick home” refers to a home that has become contaminated either by household building or cleaning products, formaldehyde or mold. A sick house often makes its occupants sick as well. Most symptoms resemble allergies at first, but can become serious in small children, elderly and family members with other health issues.
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The implementation of an air duct cleaning may help to ensure that all residents within your home are kept safe and that the air flow throughout the home is maintained.  Also, air duct cleaning can help to ensure that your home remains clean and sterile. Whether you have a family member with a history of allergies or if you are looking to preserve the health and well being of the individuals in your home, ensuring that the air quality is of a higher standard will prove to be exponentially beneficial.

Air ducts regularly get dirty throughout the years and so it is a normal occurrence to receive an air duct cleaning.  It is most commonly performed within new homes due to the fact that all saw dusts and other dusts are collected within the vents and are then spewed out once the air has been turned on within the home.

There are a variety of different symptoms to watch for prior to hiring an air duct cleaning service including: unexplained symptoms of illnesses within family members, the outbreak of allergies, above average amounts of dust within the interior of the home, and/or any odd smells emerging from your air ducts.   If you are noticing that any of the aforementioned aspects are affecting your home, hiring an air duct cleaning service will be in your best interest. There are many different techniques for cleaning air ducts and it is best to talk to a few different companies before picking the one that you feel will best address your particular problem.


Preventing the problem is much easier than fixing it.

  • Keeping your duct work clean and free of contaminates such as dust and dirt is very important, and the best way to do this is by regularly changing your air filter. Also it is very important to never run the furnace or air conditioner without a filter installed. If the dust that acuminates is organic in nature it will aid in the growth of mold.
  • Check your ductwork for leaks. These leaks will not only allow dust and dirt to enter but also moisture from the warm humid air. Moisture will help promote the growth of mold. Most home centers will have a special tape designed to seal ductwork.

Acquiring an air duct cleaning will also ensure that your air flows naturally rather than having to deal with forced air.  The more that forced air is produced within the home, the more dust will accumulate on top of the surface of your appliances and furniture and even hiding underneath the objects in your home.

Air duct cleaning to remove dirt and dust is a simple procedure that can be completed easily and efficiently. Most duct cleaning companies will one or more of the following options.

A truck mounted vacuum this is a very large and powerful vacuum that is attached to the ductwork and sucks the dirt from the system. As strong as this vacuum is it still may not be able to pull dirt from the farthest ducts.

Hand held blowers may be needed to push some dirt towards the vacuum. If the dirt has become caked on compressed air may have to be snaked into the ducts to help free the dirt. Some stubborn dirt may have to be scrubbed or scrapped by hand using long flexible rods similar to a chimney sweeps. Many companies will have a fiber optic camera to aid them in these steps. In some instances the ductwork may have to be cut into and cleaned locally.

Some ducts are made from fiberglass and need special attention as brushes and scrapers may cause them damage. Fiberglass ducts contaminated by mold may impossible to clean.

Mold build up in your ducts is a very serious concern and extremely difficult to remedy. Finding a truly reputable contractor with a long list of customer testimonials is very important. If possible try to contact some former customers and see if they are still happy after a year. Check your local state websites for information that may pertain to your state or county.

Being aware of the problems potentially lurking in your duct work will be beneficial to both your home and your family.

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