Air Conditioning System

Choosing the right cooling/heating system for your home maybe the most important homeowner decision you’ll have to make. The U.S. Dept. of Energy estimates that as much as 56% of a home’s total utility bill goes towards heating and cooling. Buying the right air conditioning system for your home could end up saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your unit. Understanding how your air conditioning system works and the types of systems available to you will help you choose correctly.

How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner works by removing or pumping heat from one place to another. An air conditioner is actually a mechanical system called a heat pump. In the case of a home AC system the heat is taken from inside the house and blown into the outside air.  For a simple explanation of how a heat pump works read What is a Heat Pump.

An air conditioner is a very large and specialized system, and to understand how it does what it does it may be simpler to break it down into its parts and see how together they work to cool your home. For a through explanation of each part and how they work together read this.

Types of air conditioners

When deciding on the right air conditioner for your home there are many types to consider portable, window, split system, forced air, ductless, high velocity and even solar.  Each of these types fall into one of two groups, local or central.

Local AC systems are used to cool smaller areas or single rooms they include portable, window, wall and small split systems. They cost much less to purchase, install and operate, but these savings can be offset by having to purchase and operate many units.

Central Air Systems use one outside cooling condenser to cool many rooms or the whole house. They include split systems, forced air, ductless and high velocity. These systems cost more to install and operate, but are most effective and efficient at cooling an entire home.

Two Air Conditioning Solutions

Solar Air Conditioners With more than 50% of your utility bills going to heating and cooling your home a solar Air conditioning system makes sense.

High Velocity Air Conditioning is a great way to squeeze a forced air system into an existing home. There use of small ducts make them an idea solution for historic or log homes.

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