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It’s easy to keep your cool when your air conditioner is working properly, but there is no reason to get hot under the collar when your AC needs repair.

I’m sure you like most people cannot fix your own Air Conditioner. When something goes wrong and it someday will, wouldn’t you like to have a friend in the air conditioning business?  Well now you have the next best thing. Just follow the steps and advice on this website and you may save yourself the cost of calling an AC contractor to repair a system that isn’t even broken. Years ago my neighbor told me she had to call an electrician because her outlets were not working in the basement, the first thing he did was check the breaker panel, found a tripped breaker, and then simply threw a switch and left. That service call cost her $150. The repairman felt bad but $150 was the minimum fee for a service call, even a five minute service call.

Checking a handful of things before you make a call could save you hundreds of dollars, make you sound like a much more informed customer or just make you feel more confident when you do have to call for service.

Don’t worry we make it easy

We’ve broken it down into three easy steps.  We’ve made them simple to understand and included plenty of photos, but if you’re still unsure about any of the tasks, there is a short video to show you each and every step, and there is even a printable PDF checklist to help you out.

Use this checklist before you call for AC serviceWhat To Do Before You Call is the simplest steps anyone can and should take before they call for service. This could also be called the Duh list, because if one of these items is to blame for your problem it might make you say DUH!


Troubleshoot your AC problem before you call for serviceTroubleshooting these are slightly trickier, but most can still be performed by any home owner. If you can operate a flashlight and open a cabinet you should do just fine.


What to ask when you call for ac serviceWhat To Ask When You Call For Serviceis a checklist of items to ask a serviceman when you call for repair. Steps one and two will help you avoid unnecessary Air Conditioning service calls and prepare you for some of the questions an AC contractor might ask you. But What To Ask When You Call For Service will help you chose the right AC Contractor for your problem. Just by asking the right questions you present yourself as a knowledgeable client.

So don’t delay the days not getting an cooler.

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