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15 Tips To Keep Cool During a Heat Wave or Air Conditioner Failure


How to Keep a House Cool in a Heat wave. Our summers just seem to be getting hotter and hotter, which means our air conditioners are working harder and harder. When a heat wave hits our air conditioner has to run around the clock, and at times has a hard time keeping a home cool.

Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner Thermostat


  I was just helping a friend with an air conditioner that wouldn’t start and thought I’d turn our conversation into a blog post that might benefit others. When an air conditioner won’t start there are a hundred possible reasons, some are simple and some require a professional repairman. We’ll start with some very simple

Ductless Air Conditioning Buying Guide Part Two Window Air Conditioners & High Velocity AC.


In part one of our buying guides we covered the mini split system, an energy efficient cooling option for homes without built in ductwork, but this is not your only option. In this post we’ll cover a couple of other popular options. First window air conditioners are one of the most popular choices for cheap

Ductless Air Conditioning Buying Guide. Part One


Adding a central air conditioning system to an existing home with forced hot air heating is easy, just mount an air handling unit above your furnace, install a compressor outside and enjoy, but if your home was built with a ductless heating system you’ll have to install a completely separate cooling system. Installing traditional metal

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