Air conditioning maintenance

An efficient AC system saves money

Men performing AC maintenanceDuring the summer your air conditioner will run more than any other appliance in your home.  Which is why air conditioning systems just like your car are designed to take a lot of wear and tear, and just like your car a routine maintenance schedule will add years to its life, while helping it run more efficiently. Just because you bought the most energy efficient “energy star “rated air conditioner on the market doesn’t mean your job is done and you can sit back in cool comfort counting the money your saving on energy costs.  As a matter of fact without proper air conditioning maintenance your unit can lose as much as 5% of its overall energy efficiency each year.

It is estimated that an average U.S. home uses roughly 30 to 50% of its total energy costs on heating and cooling. A simple spring time maintenance routine for your air conditioning unit can save you as much as 20% on your annual cooling bill, which could end up saving hundreds of dollars each year.

Helps lower repair costs

Energy Efficiency is not the only way air conditioning maintenance can save you money. Seasonal maintenance of your AC system keeps it running properly but also helps to find and repair minor issues before they become a bigger problem or a major repair.

Signs of trouble

  1. If your air conditioner is running but it is not cooling your house.
  2. Uncomfortable humidity level in the home.

At the beginning of the cooling season both of these signs could indicate an air conditioning unit in need of simple maintenance, follow the link below to the HVAC preventative maintenance for a though how-to on springtime maintenance.  If your system is in need of repair follow this link to what to do before you call for air conditioning service.
Click Here for a List of AC Maintenance items

Do You Need a Service Contract

Almost all Air conditioning companies offer a service contract with seasonal maintenance that goes beyond what the average homeowner is capable of.  There are many benefits to these service plans but the biggest benefit may be the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that your system is routinely inspected by a certified AC serviceman. If you have been considering a service contract for your Air conditioner but know where to start read about the benefits of a AC service contract.

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