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What To Do Before You Call For AC Service.

AC Service Checklist Air conditioner on the fritz? Don’t panic, and don’t blindly run to the phone and call the first name in the phone book. There still are phone book aren’t there? This list is here to help Read More

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner Problems.

AC Parts Icon2 This checklist could save you hundreds of dollars in an unnecessary service call. If you’ve already checked out what to do before you call for service, click here. Read More

What To Ask An Air Conditioning Contractor.

Phone to call for AC service Alright you’ve come to the conclusion that your AC problems are over your head. Well don’t despair this checklist will help when it’s time to call for repair. Read More

Choosing the Right HVAC Company.
When choosing a air conditioner for your new home there are a many quality
AC manufacturers to consider, here are just a few of the top companies you should check out.

Air Conditioning Installation-What Are Your Options?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a particular type of air conditioning installation that best suits your home’s needs. Factors such as the size of your room, cost of the air conditioner and installation, level of humidity and average room temperatures where you live should all be considered before the installation of a new air conditioner. Some homes will fare well with a simple window air conditioner and not a split air or mini air conditioner. While other homes may be ideal for ductless air conditioners, forced air conditioners or portable air conditioners.

These air conditioners are creating a lot of buzz today because the US department of energy estimates that the conditioners are capable of cutting down energy losses by 30%. Whether you want to go green or to just cut down your energy bills, these are the most ideal conditioners for you. They are easy to install, noiseless and eco-friendly. Moreover, most of these conditioners are capable of cooling a localized target area. Additionally, they do not require air ducts to function. Just like a central forced air system they place a condenser unit outside the home, but instead of using a furnace blower to circulate cold air throughout the whole house refrigerant goes to individual blower units in the desired room.
One outside Condenser can support many indoor blowers cooling multiple rooms or floors of a home. For more information on this type of air conditioner check out our blog page on the Mini Split Air Conditioner.
Just like their name implies, these air conditioners are easily moved from one location to another. They may be powered with a standard ac cord or by rechargeable batteries and are commonly reputed for their low noise operation. They are very popular because they do not require a window to be installed in, but it is important to remember that they do need to be vented. Other drawbacks of this system are, like other AC systems they remove a lot of moisture from the air this water may have to be drained off or removed by hand, also they can only cool a limited area at a time. Nevertheless, depending on your respective cooling needs this may be the right air conditioning system to install in your home. These air conditioners are also ideal because of their flexibility. For instance, you may use the conditioner at your study desk and take it with you to your toddler’s bedroom when you are through with studying. Portable air conditioners come in different models and designs that you can choose from. For more information checkout our portable air conditioners buying guide.
Ductless air conditioning units come in many different designs. Some systems come with a stand-alone design that has two interconnected components sometimes called a split system. The components comprise a condensing unit that is fitted outdoors and another indoor unit that delivers the conditioned air into a room. This system is reputed for its totally noiseless operation. This is chiefly because the outdoor unit that is usually noisy can be installed 25-49ft away from the indoors unit. This makes the system ideal for household usage because it does not disturb your loved ones while they are asleep. Another benefit of this system is that the outdoor unit can be attached to more than one indoor unit. This makes the system an inexpensive compared to the overall cost of installing ductwork for a forced air system.
The split system is covered fully in part one of our Ductless Air Conditioning buying guide.
Other ductless options such as Window Air conditioners are covered in part two of our Ductless Air Conditioning buying guides.
As you may have guessed window air conditioners are fitted into window openings. When shopping for a window unit keep in mind the type of windows that are installed in your home. If your home has windows that open up and downwards like double or single hung, you should shop for the models that are compatible with the windows. Likewise if your home has sliding windows you should consider models that fit well on these types of windows. Window air conditioners are effective for air conditioning a single room. Compared to portable air conditioners, window air conditioners are more difficult and dangerous to install. For instance, you may require the service of an expert to install the system in your home.
There are different mini air conditioners that are available in the market today. The term ‘mini’ as you would expect is used on models to designate a more compact design as opposed to large designs. However, mini air conditioners are generally cheaper and easy to install when compared to the other large sized units.
More commonly known as central air conditioning, because a whole house can be cooled from one central air handling unit. They do this by using a strong blower that forces cold air through ductwork into rooms throughout the home. This system is very popular in North America due to the fact that forced air heating is one of the most prevalent heating systems in the region. Installation of this system is more labor intensive and therefor more expensive. Benefits include quick cooling of the whole house, whole house air filtering and a ductwork system that can be used for home heating as well.

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